Do you have a great paper lesson you haven’t been able to figure out how to use this year?  Transform it in a matter of minutes into a digital lesson that also allows you to see students completing the work in real time.  Students can type, write, add images, and even record their voice directly on your assignments.  As a bonus, students never have to worry about remembering to submit work!  You can even comment directly on student work, just like the good old days, and give virtual stickers!

Beginner steps (assignment will be ready in minutes for student use)

  1. Log into Classkick via Clever (look for the Hand icon) and Upload a PDF of a current lesson (Word and Powerpoint can be easily converted into pdf files).
  2. Assign your lesson to a roster (Create a roster for each period. Do not add students manually into the roster. Instructions for making the roster are below).
  3. Provide students with the class code (or give them link on Canvas or Zoom chat) and let them work!

A few ideas to try in Classkick (see your colleagues for more ideas):

  • ELA- students can read and highlight a passage, teachers can read and comment on student writing.
  • SS- Color and label maps, highlight documents.
  • Math- see student work, comment and correct student work during class time, work on graphing skills.
  • Use Classkick as an interactive whiteboard and have students learn synchronously as if you were in-person in the classroom!
  • Use Classkick with Zoom breakout sessions and have students work together on an assignment so you can monitor multiple students at one time.
  • Have students assist each other on assignments.
  • Create manipulates (images) that students can drag and drop.
  • Have students take or attach images, record themselves explaining their work.
  • Use for formative assessments, do nows, exit tickets and so much more!

Additional Resources:

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Classkick FAQs:

Classkick Remote learning tips:


Students have access to portfolio accounts, which allows students to view all their Classkick assignments in one place and is the best way to create your class rosters for regular use.  Below are the steps for how to get students logged into Classkick for the first time.

Step 1: Make a blank class roster for that class period.

Step 2: Create an assignment and assign it to the new roster.

Step 3: Have students join the assignment using the code/link 

STEP 4: Instead of typing in their name, students should:

  • Enter the Class Code (or use the link)
  • Click SIGNUP
  • SIGNUP with Clever
  • Authenticate their credentials

Step 4: Once all your students in that class have done this step, LOCK YOUR ROSTER (See Link for how to do it).  This will force them to always log in through Clever.

Step 5: For all future assignments, students will log in through Clever when given the link/code or they can sign in directly through Clever to see their portfolio account (and view all their assignments in one place).

See video below to see what the student will see in the portfolio account: 

Again, students will see everything you assign to the class roster directly through the portfolio account (sign in through clever) or through the class link/code for that specific assignment.  The key is to lock the roster and make sure they always SIGN in through Clever, so your roster does not end up with duplicate names.