Zoom has a feature called “Auto-Transcriptions” that does exactly what you’d expect, transcribe and create closed captions for your Zoom meetings live and on the fly. Once enabled within settings, Zoom will present the option to transcribe the conversation. Anything said during the meeting will be transcribed, including any audio coming over Zoom, such as a video or audio source being shared. This is a handy way to create closed captions for media sources that do not have closed captions built in. Finally, you have the option of saving the transcript of the meeting in a text format, allowing you to reference it later on.

The following video shows how to turn the feature on and use it. Or if you like pictures and text instructions, scroll below…

1. In a web browser, go to zoom.us and press sign in

2. Sign in by clicking the SSO button

3. In the ‘your company domain’ field, type in ‘saratogaschools-org’ and press continue. This will automatically log you into your Zoom account using your SSCSD Office 365 credentials.

4. Click “Settings’ on the left hand side

5. Scroll down until you find ‘Closed captioning’ and press the button next to it. When a pop-up appears, click ‘Enable’.

6. Check off ‘Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting’ and press ‘Save’

7. If you want to save the captions that are created as a text file, click the button next to ‘Save Captions’

8. The next time you are in a Zoom call, you will see a button labeled ‘Live Transcript’ on the menu bar

9. Click the ‘Live Transcript’ button, and the following menu will appear. Click ‘Enable Auto-Transcription’ to turn on the feature. This enables closed captions for every participant in the meeting. Zoom will transcribe and create closed captions for every word it hears.

10. If you click the ‘Live Transcript’ button again, you will see a new option to ‘View Full Transcript’. This opens a new pane that behaves a lot like the chat pane. Here you will see a written transcript of everything said after auto-transcriptioning was enabled.