GoGuardian is a powerful addition to your classroom, allowing you to monitor student device usage in class to ensure student productivity. GoGuardian also gives you the ability to filter and block specific websites to meet your individual class needs, and even launch class activities very quickly with the press of a button.

Getting Started

To get started, log in to GoGuardian Teacher at either teacher.goguardian.com or accessing through the district Clever portal. If using teacher.goguardian.com, select the Log In with Clever button.

Setting Up Your Classroom

Classes from SchoolTool are automatically created and synced over to GoGuardian using Clever integration. If you are the primary teacher of a class, you will first see this classes in the “Pending” tab of your “Classrooms” page, where you can click accept to add it to your active “Classrooms” page.

If you are a co-teacher, you will need to be manually added to a class by the primary teacher. You can add co-teachers per classroom and assign permission levels as Owner, Teacher, or Helper. Learn more about permissions here.

To add co-teachers, select Settings on the classroom tile > Add Co-teachers > Add Teacher button. You may also remove teachers using the Remove link in the list.

Start a Class Session

To start a class session, select a session duration then the Start Class button from a classroom tile. Once students are connected, you will begin to see their screens in your active class session. (Note: This is your Screens view)

Teacher commands can be used to interact with your students during active classroom sessions! Select student tile checkboxes (in the upper left corner of student tiles) to access the commands from the bottom blue bar, or click into a single student tile.

Advanced Features 


Set the Scene for your classroom session by applying an Allowed Websites List (where students can only visit the websites on the allowed list), or a Blocked Websites List (where students will be blocked from visiting websites on the blocked list). Learn more here.

Off-Task Alerts

Off-Task Alerts detects when a student goes off-task (based on the subject matter selected by the teacher) and visually alerts the teacher. You can enable Off-Task Alerts using the toggle during an active class session. Learn more here.