There are a few tools that allow teachers the ability to add questions to videos to ensure student engagement along with the ability to check for understanding. Canvas Studio is built right into Canvas and provides this ability, but many have pointed out that it lacks a robust library of pre-made videos ready to be pulled into courses. Nearpod now offers this ability, while also providing easy access to YouTube videos and pre-made videos with questions embedded in them.

Transform video from passive to an active experience

Get real-time insights into student learning and embed interactive formative assessment questions into any video. Upload your favorite videos or create your own.

Reduce lesson creation time investments by adding ready-to-use videos to any lesson. Nearpod’s video library features 5,000+ K-12, standards-aligned, interactive videos from 35+ trusted educational publishers.

Get started with our videos or use one of your own

Search by standards

Search by standards in the Nearpod library to find the perfect interactive video to supplement your curriculum in any subject or grade level.

Customize premade videos

Add a premade video to any Nearpod lesson to customize the content you’re already teaching. Customize video questions to meet the needs of your students.

Upload your own videos

Upload your own videos to Nearpod and make them interactive by adding questions to check for student understanding.

Creating an Interactive Video

Go to your Nearpod dashboard by going through Clever or clicking here. Once at your Nearpod dashboard, click Create located on the top right.

In the dropdown menu that appears, click Video.

This will bring you to Nearpod’s Video Library, which is filled with premade videos ready to assign to your students. At the top of the screen, you will see the option to search YouTube for videos to use for your activity. Keep in mind, the ones you find from YouTube (not in the Nearpod video library) will not have questions already embedded in them. You also have the ability to upload your own video files to use.

In the Video Library search field, type in the topic for the video you are looking for. Nearpod will find all videos released to your search terms. As an example, I searched for videos related to the Water Cycle, shown below.

Once you find a video you’d like to use, click on the video. A preview of the video will appear, along with blue markers on the timeline of the video that shows the questions that are already embedded in the video. You have the ability to edit those questions, along with adding some of your own open ended or multiple choice questions.

Once you are happy with the video and the questions that are embedded, click Save. The video will now be saved in your Nearpod lessons. From here, you can use the video like you would any other Nearpod content, live in class with class participation, as a student paced assignment, or live together with the class without student interaction on their own devices.