Microsoft has released a new external tool for Canvas that allows teachers to assign Microsoft Office documents to students. This will replace the Office 365 Cloud Assignment external tool that you may have used in the past.

Follow the directions below to assign a Microsoft Office document using the new Microsoft OneDrive external tool.

  1. Create and start editing an assignment in your course
  2. In the “Submission Type” field, select “External Tool” in the dropdown menu
  3. Click “Find”

4. In the dropdown menu that appears, find and select “Microsoft OneDrive”

5. Your browser will now authenticate the external tool with your district Microsoft 365 credentials. If you are not actively logged in, it will ask you for these credentials.

6. Once authenticated, find and select the Office 365 document you would like to assign to your students. Once selected, click “Attach”.

7. You should see “Successfully uploaded the file…”

8. Click “Select” on the dropdown menu you were brought back

9. Finish editing your assignment. When finished, your assignment is ready to publish to students.