Within Canvas, teachers have the ability to create assignments that require a submission of a file (I.e. Word Document, PowerPoint Document, or Excel Document). When this is done, students will be asked to upload a file to complete the submission.


Let’s suppose that a teacher wants a student to create a PowerPoint document for their class project. Students can create a PowerPoint document in either the desktop or online version of PowerPoint.

Creating and Saving a PowerPoint in the Desktop Application

  1. Open the desktop version of PowerPoint. If you have pinned PowerPoint to your taskbar, you will see it on your taskbar (bottom of the screen). For those that do not have it pinned, you can open by clicking on the Windows icon to launch the Start menu.

2. Click PowerPoint on the Start menu to launch PowerPoint

3. Choose a template to start your PowerPoint presentation with. Microsoft provides a variety of options that serve as starting points for your presentations. If you do not want to worry about the theme right away, you can click “Blank Presentation” to get started.

4. Once you have clicked a starting theme, PowerPoint will launch with your document. NOTE: Any changes you make will not be saved until you save the file to a location on your computer or in OneDrive. You should almost always save your files to OneDrive so that they are always backed up and accessible anywhere.

5. To save your file, click “File” up on the top left

6. Click “Save As” on the pane that appears

7. Choose where you want to save the file. Most files should be saved in OneDrive so that they are continuously backed up. To save to OneDrive, click “OneDrive – Saratoga Springs City School District”, and choose where you would like to save the file in your OneDrive.

8. Give your document a name in the field highlighted below. Make sure to name it something you can easily recognize and recall in the future.

9. Once you have given it a name, click “Save”

10. This will bring you back to your document. When your file is saved to OneDrive, it will automatically save any edit you make in the future. Autosave will be on up at the top of the screen when saved correctly.

Submitting a File in a Canvas Assignment

  1. Go to the assignment in Canvas. If the assignment is open for file submissions, it will have a rocket ship button on the assignment’s screen down towards the bottom of the page.

2. Click the rocket ship to select the file you would like to submit

3. This will launch a File Explorer window so that you can choose the file you would like to submit. Navigate to where you saved your file, and select it by clicking on it, then click the “open” button.

4. Your browser will upload the file you selected. You can see that it uploaded completely on the submission screen that appears. When you are confident you have selected and uploaded the correct file, click “Submit Assignment” on the bottom right.

5. Once submitted, the assignment page will show your submission history.