There are areas of Canvas where a teacher might want to look at a specific section of a course that they teach. Under the current setup, course sections are named after the block they occur, the course name, the teacher’s name, and the school year. This makes it difficult to determine the difference between sections that meet during the same period but meet on different days.

Example: Have two classes that meet Block 4, one on A/C days, the other on B/D days.

This can make it difficult to assign things to a specific section, or view grades for a specific section in Canvas.

Screenshot 2022 10 26 at 08 20

Screenshot 2022 10 26 at 08 21


Teachers can rename their sections in Canvas to make them easier to identify. To do this:

1. Go to your course home page in Canvas, and click “Settings” on the bottom left

Screenshot 2022 10 26 at 08 112. Click the “Sections” tab up at the top of the screen

Screenshot 2022 10 26 at 08 12

3. Each of your sections will display. You can edit the name of each section by clicking the link on each section.
4. After you’ve clicked on the link for a section, you will see your class roster. Note – this list will include parents that are observers on their child’s Canvas account. Click “Edit Section” up at the top right.

Screenshot 2022 10 26 at 08 16

5. You will see all of the details for your course section. Rename the course section to whatever you’d like to make it easier to identify. Example – add A/C or B/D to indicate what days the section meets. Once you have finished naming the section, click “Update Section”.

Screenshot 2022 10 26 at 08 17

6. Repeat steps 4-5 for every section you want to rename.