Canvas Courses

Canvas course tabs appear in this area, and include Home, Schedule, Modules, Grades, and external resources

The most recent Announcements will appear in the area shown below. Announcements can be edited directly by clicking the pencil icon found to the right.

Content that is important or is frequently accessed can be placed in the home page area, shown below. The home page can be edited directly by clicking the pencil icon found to the right.

The canvas course image will display here. This can be changed in course Settings, which can be accessed by clicking “Manage Subject”.

The Manage Subject button will bring you to the more traditional Canvas course layout, where you will have access to your course settings, assignments, discussions, etc.

You can view your Canvas content as a student by clicking the Student View button. It is a great way to check how an assignment or page looks before providing it to students.

Content assigned a due date will appear in your course Schedule area.

Modules are a way to organize your content, very similar to a traditional file/folder structure. Modules can be re-arranged, expanded or collapsed to better navigate your content. More information about Modules can be found here.

Any assignment that requires a submission will be placed in your course gradebook. It is up to the course teacher whether or not they use the Canvas gradebook. Any feedback for an assignment given by a teacher can be accessed in this area.

External tools that are setup in your course and deemed visible to your students will show up in the Resources area. This is a nice place to direct your students to if you use any 3rd party platforms.

Course Navigation

To access the traditional components of the course, click the “Manage Subject” button. This will bring you to your course Settings page, where many settings related to your course can be changed.

The different components of each course are accessible in the course navigation area, shown below. Areas hidden from student view have an an eye with a cross through it next to them.

The visible portions of a course can be changed by going into the “Navigation” tab within your course Settings. Items located in the area highlighted below will be visible to students. Items can be removed by clicking and dragging in their card until it is moved to the hidden area, located at the bottom of the screen. Note: Just because an item is invisible from student view does not mean the teacher will no longer be able to access. Anyone with a direct link to content in your course will be able to access that content if it is published.

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