Canvas calls their tool to create and edit content the “Rich Content Editor”. Many of the tools found in the “Rich Content Editor” are similar to those found in other text editors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You will see the “Rich Content Editor” any time to create or edit content within Canvas. This will include:

  • Assignments
  • Announcements
  • Discussions
  • Pages
  • Quizzes

BoldMakes text bold
ItalicMakes text Italic
UnderlineMakes text underlined
Text colorChanges text color
Background colorChanges text background
Superscript and SubscriptLets you add superscript to subscript text. Ex. x2
LinksAdd links to external websites or any Canvas content in your course. Can also make text, images and other web objects clickable web links to external websites or other Canvas content.
ImagesAdd images that are stored are your computer or already exist in your course
MediaAdd video content (record or upload)
DocumentsAdd documents to make available for students to download. Note: This is not the same as assigning a document to a student for them to work on and submit back to you.
External ToolCanvas utilizes an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability®) system that makes it easy to integrate content from 3rd party platforms into Canvas. Ex. Post files from your OneDrive without having to download and upload the file.
Text AlignmentChange text alignment (Left, Center, Right)
ListsMake bulleted or numbered lists
Indent TextIndent selected text
Clear FormattingRemoves all formatting from selected text
TableCreate a table with control over the number of cells, columns, and rows
Insert Math EquationInsert a math equation for better formatting and readability of math content.
EmbedEmbed codes are used by many web platforms to quickly place web content on a different website. Example: Post a YouTube video on your Canvas announcement that plays inline, and does not require the user being brought to