The Kami external tool is a great way to get your students to work on a document in Kami. All file saves and transfers are done automatically by the system, which virtually eliminates file management issues and other classroom logistic issues.

To use the Kami external tool, create an assignment and set the submission type to “External Tool”. Click the “Find” button to bring up the list of configured external tools. Click “Kami Assignment” to launch the Kami external tool.

The first time you use the Kami external tool in your browser, it will ask you to authenticate with your Kami account. Most users in Saratoga Springs City School district should select the “Continue with Microsoft” option, shown below.

If the “Continue with Microsoft” option is chosen, a window will pop-up that asks you to choose your school district Office 365 account. Click on your district Office 365 account to continue. If it is not shown, click “Use another account”, and enter your district credentials to continue.

Kami allows you to pull documents from either Google Drive or OneDrive. Being a Microsoft district, click “OneDrive” to bring up the file selector from your OneDrive. Kami supports a lot of file types, including Word Documents, PowerPoint Documents, PDFs, JPEG, PNG, etc. Once a file is chosen, it will appear at the top of the Kami Assignment area.

You can change the file that is selected by clicking the X button next to the file name.

Once you have selected a file, there are three additional settings to choose from that control specific functionality of the Kami assignment.

Assessment Mode

In this mode, once work is submitted, you’re the only one with access until you return the graded files – giving you more control while putting students’ knowledge to the test.

Enable Real-Time Monitoring

Enabling this feature gives Kami the ability to send assignments to SpeedGrader in real-time, allowing you to view and feedback on incomplete submissions.

Note that blank submissions may mean that the student has not yet made any annotations on the document.

Control Features

Control Features lets you disable specific tools within the Kami interface (Ex. No Drawing, no text entry, no read aloud, etc.)

Once the assignment is configured to your liking, click the “Proceed” button to be brought back to the External Tool Configuration page. Make sure to click the “Select Button” to save the configuration to the assignment.

Once you are back at your Assignment editing page, make sure to save the assignment by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom right of the assignment. If the assignment is ready to be given to students, click “Save & Publish”.

Pro tip: Check off the “Load This Tool In A New Tab” option to automatically launch the tool in a new tab when students access the assignment. This is great to allow students to use more of their screen real estate for their assignment.