Kami is a great web based tool for annotating documents from a variety of formats. It also serves as a great way to digitize your traditional paper based workflow. The basic user interface while annotating a document can be found below.

Kami Basic Tools

All Kami tools can be found on the sidebar on the left hand side.

Select changes your mouse pointer to allow you to select objects in your document.

Dictionary brings up a dictionary to quickly lookup the definition of words in your document.

Read Aloud allows text in your document to be read allowed by the computer’s text to speech system. Note that your document must have text information within the document in order to be read aloud. If you find that your document is missing text information (which can happen in documents that are scanned or photographed), you can run an OCR on the document right within Kami by clicking the menu button on the top right, then clicking “Text Recognition”.

Markup allows you to make highlight portions of your document using various highlighter tools. Various additional features can be found within this tool once it is selected, including color and style of the tool.

Comment allows you to make comments on the document that is visible to all users on the document. This is great for leaving feedback on student work. Messages can even be recorded here to leave video or audio messages for your students.

Text box lets you add text to the document.

Equation lets you enter well formatted equations to your document, which is useful for more advanced math classes.

Drawing allows you to make pen markings on your document. Various options are available once the tool is selected, including pen stroke width, color, style, etc.

Shapes lets you insert shapes into your document.

Eraser lets you erase annotations and other objects that you have added to your document. It will not remove content that was part of the initial document outside of Kami.

Add media allows you to add audio or video content to your document from a variety of sources.

Signature allows you to quickly add your signature to your documents. Great for signing documents without having to print and scan them.

Kami Global Navigation

Kami’s Global Menu is found at the top of the screen. Hover your mouse over this area for a preview of what each button does. The tools found here are similar to other document editors, such as file location, print options, file download, etc.