As part of conducting a remote class, Zoom provides numerous security and management options. More information about these options can be found below.

Meeting Security Settings

Every meeting you setup has its own security settings that can be changed at your discretion. To access them, click the ‘Security’ button found on the bottom of your Zoom call window. The recommended settings are shown below.

Letting Student in from Waiting Room

Be default, anyone that joins your Zoom meeting using the link you created will join your meeting in the waiting room. Anyone joining the call will be kept in the waiting room until they are allowed in by the meeting host. To see participants of your meeting and participants in the waiting room, click the ‘Participants’ button on the bottom of your Zoom call window.

When a person joins the call, they will enter the waiting room. If you hover your mouse over a participants name, you will be given the option to either admit them or remove them from the meeting.

While participants are on the call, the host has various management options available that can be accessed by hovering your mouse over a participant and clicking the 3 dots button.