Yesterday, Microsoft released some minor updates to a few Windows applications that I figured were worth sharing. Some might be pumped to hear that tabs have arrived to the Notepad application (I won’t judge 😀). To me, the feature that is most useful for teachers and students is the ability to record your screen with the Windows Snipping Tool. This will make recording and demonstrating something significantly easier to do, and will no longer require a 3rd party application.

Snipping Tool

When using the Snipping Tool, a camera slider is now available to toggle from taking still screenshots to video recordings. I foresee this being useful for teachers wanting to record a demonstration of something on their screen, or for students to demonstrate their understanding during assignments.

Updating Windows Apps

To get these new features, your apps need to be updated to the latest version. Many built-in Windows applications update through the Microsoft Store. To manually update Windows applications, launch the Microsoft Store by clicking the Start button on the taskbar and typing in “microsoft store”, and clicking the application that appears.

Once a Microsoft Store window appears, click the “Library” button on the left hand side.

Click “Get updates” to update installed Windows applications.