For many students with differing abilities, assistive technology provides a bridge to overcome barriers to participation and progress in school. Assistive technology facilitates success and independence for students while they work toward their academic, social, communication, occupational, and recreational goals. By addressing the student’s unique needs, assistive technology can:

  • Reduce barriers to learning;
  • Assist students in progressing in their educational program;
  • Provide equitable access to the State’s learning standards;
  • Provide students with independence as they participate and progress along with their peers in school and in post-school living, learning and working; and
  • Support increased social and environmental access and completion of everyday tasks.

Assistive Tech Resources

Accessibility Feature: Audiobooks

Accessibility Feature:  Audiobooks
There are many different options available to students within Saratoga Springs City School District for accessing books electronically. At the elementary level, many students utilize platforms such as Sora, Epic, ... Read More

Building Accessible Content

There are a lot of tools living in your device’s accessibility settings that can have a profound effect on the way you and your students access content. Continue reading to ... Read More

Assigning Documents to Students (Elementary Teachers)

Assigning Documents to Students (Elementary Teachers)
Seesaw, the platform that is utilized by our six elementary schools, does not have a built in mechanism that allows a teacher to assign files (Ex. Word, PowerPoint, PDF etc.) ... Read More
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Accessibility Features: Word Prediction

Accessibility Features:  Word Prediction
Many students benefit from text suggestions to support their spelling and writing process. Windows OS has a built-in predictive text feature that when enabled, will work anywhere there is a ... Read More
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Accessibility Features: Speech to Text

Accessibility Features: Speech to Text
Windows 11 has updated the ease of use and access of the voice typing feature. With voice typing, you can enter text on your computer by speaking. Voice typing uses ... Read More
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Accessibility Features: Screen Readers

Many students benefit from having digital content read aloud. Whether it is an IEP accommodation or just a tool for students on the go, there are a variety of ways ... Read More
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Read & Write – Our New Assistive Technology Tool

Read & Write - Our New Assistive Technology Tool
Read & Write is replacing Kurzweil for students who utilize assistive technology accommodations per their IEPs or 504 plans. Read & Write is a literacy support tool that offers help ... Read More
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Translate Webpages in Microsoft Edge

Translate Webpages in Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge has the ability to translate webpages to and from a variety of world languages. Microsoft Edge will offer to translate a webpage to the user's set language if ... Read More

Technology Supports for ENL Students

Office Document Translation Microsoft Office offers the ability to translate portions of documents or entire documents right within the Office platform. The procedure to translate a document is similar when ... Read More
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